Outlook Calendars for Confluence – make standard your premium

Outlook Calendars for Confluence Visual

In case you already benefitted from the features of calendars in Confluence, you do not want to miss it anymore.

Maybe Atlassian’s “Team Calendars for Confluence Cloud” has been a valuable option for you so far. Calendars in general help teams share their schedules so they can stay organized, communicate availability, and track projects easily.

As of now, Atlassian moved their Team Calendars into Confluence Cloud premium, so they will no longer be available for purchase as a separate add-on to Confluence standard.

Outlook Calendars for Confluence – finding a solution

If you are not able to budget for Confluence Cloud Premium by that time, you will no longer have access to Team Calendars for Confluence. You can reinstate Team Calendars with your retained data at any time by upgrading to Confluence Premium, but you must decide.

If you feel like: “Well, Atlassian removes functionality, auto-upgrades me to a much more expensive product and I must opt-out to avoid a large price increase.” (Atlassian Community 2021) – we feel your pain. Let us introduce you to another option: We will help you to make Confluence standard your premium!

With a Microsoft 365 subscription we have a convenient solution for you in place. Stick to your Confluence plan and integrate your Outlook Calendars with our app “Outlook Calendars for Confluence”. Our app focuses on the power of Microsoft 365 and provides a seamless integration of the Outlook calendars you’re already using.

Outlook Calendars for Confluence – use the power of Microsoft 365

By using your Microsoft 365 infrastructure, you’ll be able to focus on the productivity of your team, while building upon the pros of Microsoft 365: high-level security, seamless workflows, straightforward administration, automatic updates, and a highly performant infrastructure.

Take your business to the next level by connecting Microsoft 365 and your Confluence calendars.

Outlook Calendars for Confluence – the features you need

The set-up works smoothly, and the calendar integration gives you full-scale features, just like your old Team Calendars. Add the power of Microsoft 365 Outlook calendars to your Confluence, review Jira milestones and see all relevant dates at a glance in your calendar.

Use the power of Microsoft 365 in your Confluence and move faster in your daily work:

  • Add Outlook calendars to Confluence pages or spaces
  • Show and edit personal or shared Outlook calendars in Confluence
  • Schedule Outlook & Microsoft Teams meetings in Confluence
  • Visualize and edit Jira dates
  • Real-time data from Microsoft 365
  • Simple permission management
  • Choose between different templates and view options

Outlook Calendars for Confluence – need more information?

Compare Team Calendars vs. Outlook Calendars for Confluence and the corresponding prices: yasoon support portal

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