Full speed ahead with Microsoft Teams for Jira

We always say that we develop the new apps and features our customers need and want. If we see more requests for certain features and apps, we add them to our roadmap. That was certainly the case for our new Microsoft Teams for Jira app.

Many of our customers weren’t happy with the functionality of the existing apps connecting both tools. We work with both Microsoft Teams and Jira ourselves, and have to admit: our customers are right.

At yasoon, we don’t just want to connect random tools because we can. If the only end result is that one tool sends a few more notifications to another, nothing has been gained. Instead, we strive to develop deep integration and offer users true functionality, adding real value.

At yasoon, both the Developer and Business teams use our Microsoft Teams for Jira app.

Microsoft Teams for Jira x Support

Our developers also provide support for our apps using Jira Service Management. We have various product teams who are responsible for developing new features, as well as responding to and resolving customer issues.

Sometimes, it is a simple question about installation or a minor bug that we can sort out in the next release. However, we occasionally get interesting suggestions, or problems that are not so easy to solve.

That’s when we rely on our expertise as a team. One of our developers, let’s say Timur, who is heavily involved in our Confluence products, sees a customer feature request about Outlook Meetings for Confluence in Jira Service Management. First, he does a rough appraisal himself, and soon sees a way to implement it.

Now Timur wants to get the team involved and discuss his ideas for the feature. He uses Microsoft Teams for Jira to start a Teams conversation right in the Jira Service Management Issue. He posts both the issue and his suggested solution to the appropriate Teams channel. Now the discussion can begin.

Timur can stay in Jira Service Management the whole time, as messages from his colleagues who use Teams just pop up in the Jira issue. At the same time, his colleagues don’t have to open JSM – they can just keep using Teams. Not only can they see the conversation there, they also get an overview of the entire Jira issue.

Microsoft Teams for Jira x Business

Our Business team, which is responsible for marketing, partner management and HR, also uses the new app. The team bases the weekly planning meeting on Jira, to get an overview of what team members are working on. Like a Scrum meeting, the team discusses priorities and deadlines, and decides what needs to be done this week.

Besides doing project management in Jira, our Business specialists are Microsoft Teams power users. They use it for discussions, sharing and editing documents, as well as questions and answers.

For example, team lead Anke uses our Microsoft Teams for Jira app from Microsoft Teams. She links existing discussions with the corresponding Jira issue – ensuring that all the relevant information is available at the next planning meeting.

She also uses the ‘Add Jira issue comment’ function to save the final status of the discussion as a Jira comment in the issue. That means she doesn’t have to click through the entire discussion – she can see the decision, deadline or cost estimate clearly at a glance.

Of course, we’re slightly biased when we say that our new app makes our everyday working lives better. But it really is another essential element for an integrated working environment, another step towards a truly digitalized company.

Have you tried Microsoft Teams for Jira yet? We’d love to hear from you.

PS: As of now, you still need your company’s Office 365 administrator once to install the app. However, this will change in October, when Microsoft introduces some new technical options.

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