Microsoft 365 for Jira – smarter together

We’re excited to introduce you to our latest app release! We’ve taken the next step by bundling all yasoon Jira apps in one product: Microsoft 365 for Jira.

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Microsoft 365 for Jira – defining a new digital workplace

Recently we have learned a lot of things, especially how to work together as a team remotely. There are many digital tools in place to structure our new digital workplace. But using too many of them increases cognitive load and makes project management disruptive. yasoon’s holistic approach is to create one app for team-centric work.

Microsoft 365 for Jira – full-scale integration

With yasoon’s latest integration, you can add Jira to your Office tools: It harnesses the power of Microsoft Outlook, Teams and To Do with deep integrations to Jira – altogether for seamless teamwork. Include all your colleagues, get your tasks done effortlessly and happily flow through your daily work.

  • Optimal teamwork: Involve all your team members no matter in which tool they work. One app – one well-assorted toolbox.
  • Quick communication: Reduce cognitive load and improve response time with cross-tool communication in real-time.
  • Clear documentation: Enhance transparency and make information accessible for everyone. Link Outlook emails and Microsoft Teams discussions to Jira issues.

Developing our apps is an ongoing process: Stay tuned, we are constantly working on the full-scale integration for Microsoft 365 and Jira. There are even more features on the roadmap.

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