Inclusivity – yasoon values

Inclusive thinking is an important value for yasoon. We strive to gather, listen to, and include as many perspectives as possible.

That is how we want to discover how to bring out the best in each other and everyone who uses our products.

Creating inclusive environments

We expect each member of the yasoon team – no matter what our level, role or function is – to play an active part in creating environments where people from a range of backgrounds are excited to do their best work. Our aim is to value the differences in employees by hiring and employing a diverse group of people.

Progressive development

Neither gender, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, physical disability, family composition, nor religion affects your professional skills. That’s why we give all candidates and employees equal opportunities and pay, valuing each employee’s interests equally. As many of our team members are parents, we strive to structure our workflows around individual care schedules. We don’t sideline parents; we provide a family- and team-friendly working environment for everyone.

By using inclusive language in business contexts, we want to influence progressive language development. We see that as an open process and therefore want to keep on learning how to grow as a society.

Diversity is key

We believe that human beings can be real experts in adapting to diversity, simply by being open and respectful to one other. Diversity is key to thinking outside of the box. That is why we find ways to help employees add a personal note to their projects.

We actively promote internal and external communication on inclusion and diversity (e.g. we take part in the Atlassian Community discussions about Diversity & Inclusion). We support inclusive initiatives (e.g. female-led panels like the Women in Tech panel), and provide strategies to encourage inclusion for all employees at yasoon.

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