Design Industries (DI) are your Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partners. We’re a high-performance team ready to set you up on the fast track to success, whether you’re new to Atlassian or want a better ROI on your existing toolset.
For your Atlassian environment to be successful, four pillars need to be working effectively: operations, management, continual improvement, and software licensing. We strengthen you in these, through our depth of experience and market leading Atlassian Configuration Sets.

Our focus is improving your organization’s mission-critical team collaboration systems faster, with less disruption and amazing support, delivered entirely remotely. What can we help you with? Businesses know that for a competitive edge, you need to support people with the best productivity tools.

DI helps you get more out of your Atlassian software so you can:

  • Deliver higher quality projects with effective budgeting, estimates and delivery
  • Improve the daily interactions of your team, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Move more quickly from ideation to execution of new initiatives in your environment
  • Reduce errors and associated re-work across internal and customer-facing processes
  • Continually improve processes to free up your team through greater automation
  • Be agile enough to change projects and focus mid-race.

Once you decide the level of efficiency you need to reach and how quickly you’d like this to happen, we develop and cost a plan to optimize your Atlassian environment. The four pillars of success To get the most out of your Atlassian software environment, you need to ensure these four pillars working as effectively as possible:

  • Operate: projects need to be stood up or archived, users need to be on and off boarded, artifacts need to be created and cleaned up
  • Manage: environments need to be maintained, software needs to be patched and upgraded and logs need to be monitored to ensure up-time and availability
  • Improve: Continual Improvement needs to be made to your processes to improve your rate of delivering value
  • Effective Software Licensing: your software needs to be current, accessible and optimized for your user count, and licenses consolidated for easier billing Di’s works across all four areas to ensure your system is built for endurance and performance.

Got 30 minutes? We can help you define your Atlassian opportunities and guide you through the solutions we can offer.


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